10-20 Westport Rd Shuttle

Free Bus Rides – Now through March 31, 2023

NTD has suspended the collection of fares, now through March 31, 2023. This includes WHEELS Bus, Commuter Shuttles, Evening & Weekend Shuttles, ADA Paratransit, and Rider’s Choice.



Route 3 and Route 10 interline. Route 3 and Route 10 operate weekdays

Neighborhoods: Norwalk

Streets: Burnell, Belden, Cross, Wilton, Catherine, Main, Union, Ward, Glover, Return

Hub: Burnell Blvd, Norwalk, CT 06850

Hours of Operation

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Name | Route #


10/20 Westport Rd

100 Connecticut Ave. & Clinton / Trilegi

100 Lexington Ave. & Knapp

101 Merritt 7 & Main Ave.

143 Main St. prior to Union

150 Glover Ave. & U.S. Surgical 1st Ent.

150 Glover Ave. & U.S. Surgical 2nd Ent.

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