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How to Ride

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If you are new to the NTD system, here is where you can find information about the transit services that best meet your needs. We offer the following services:

WHEELS Bus service in the Greater Norwalk Area
• Shuttle services for commuters and local riders
• WHEELS 2U ride sharing service in Norwalk and Westport
• Services for People with Disabilities
• Services for Seniors

Planning Your Trip

There are a variety of ways to plan your trip:

Trip Planner

The online Trip Planner allows you to enter your location and travel destination, then will show you which route to take.


Schedules show you where you can board the bus, where you can get off the bus, and the times that you can travel. Schedules are available to download as PDFs.


There is an interactive system map available here. Just click on the route and the map will display and show you where the bus is.

Help with Planning Your Trip

If you need assistance planning your trip, call a Customer Service Representative at 203-852-0000. Customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM – 5 PM.

Fares & Boarding

Have Your Fare Ready

Before traveling, be sure to have your fare ready. There are a variety of ways to pay.

Bus and shuttles fares can be paid in cash, with passes, tickets, or Norwalk Transit tokens.

Passengers using a Door-to-Door or paratransit service must board with a pre-paid ticket.

Boarding the Bus

If you are traveling by WHEELS Bus, be sure to arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Board at the front of the bus and pay your fare.

Getting Off the Bus

About a block before you would like to get off the WHEELS Bus, signal to the bus driver using the system in the bus. Some buses have a yellow cord that you can pull and other buses have a push strip. Please don’t stand until the bus has fully stopped. Once the bus has stopped, exit through the rear door of the bus, if possible.

Holidays and Emergencies

Hoilday Service Schedules

Bus service schedules are different on some holidays. Be sure to check the holiday schedules in advance.


Severe Weather & Emergencies

Sometime bus service will be disrupted or cancelled due to severe weather, road construction, or other public emergencies. Be sure to check our website before you travel to see if there any alerts posted. Alerts will appear in a notification bar at the top of the home page.


Additional Resources


Real-Time Bus Tracking

See where your bus is on a map in real time.

You can track your bus on your computer, phone, or tablet or by downloading the MyStop app.


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From local bus service to accessible door-to-door service, NTD gets you where you need to go.


Trip Planner

Enter your location and the place you want to go to and this tool will tell which route to take.



There are a variety of fares available. See what one is right for you.